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OFFICE ÇAĞLAYAN brings a fresh air to its environment with the office blocks which occupy a 10.225 m2 closed area in the city centre. Oztek Yapi attains a matchless place in Çağlayan by offering special next generation resilient office solutions and store options with frontiers to the main road and sizes varying between 50 to 975 m2. Oztek Yapi makes a visible difference by its technological infrastructure and modern architecture.

Specially located to allow you the chance of using every opportunity in İstanbul, OFFICE Çağlayan is at a 3 minutes of walking distance to the Court House that enriches the fabric of Çağlayan. Oztek Yapi makes your life easier with the office blocks and parking garages.

  • With a 250 m distance to Çağlayan Court House, 400 m to E-5 high way and Çağlayan metrobus station, 1,5 km to TEM linking road, OFFICE ÇAĞLAYAN is positioned at the most ideal spot of the city
  • The office blocks which provide two entrances from both avenues are at a matchless location for anyone who travel by private car or public transportation
  • The parking garages allow you to enjoy the comfort of ‘no parking problem’. You can enjoy the privilege of reaching easily to your office either by walking or by your private car. Öztek Construction shares with the investors the vision of blending quality and comfort in OFFICE Çağlayan Office Blocks. The company seeks to create a peaceful working environment by bringing together the right components of contemporary and modern architecture, technological infrastructure and unique frontal.
  • Flexible and adaptable architecture with office options of 50 to 975 m2.
  • Modern style of curtain walls which stand out with their design and quality on every street they are located
  • Natural stone flooring, specially designed walls and ceilings at the entrance of the blocks
  • Luxury and modernity maintained in company through the natural stone flooring in corridors
  • Ventilation, monitored security system and smoke removal systems in the parking area
  • The comfort of using double elevator in every block reaching from the parking area to he office floors
  • TV cabling infrastructure, fiber internet and extension
  • Safe buildings protected via security cameras for common areas (CCTV), fire warning system and heat detectors
  • Fresh air ventilation in meeting and seminar rooms as well as in the common areas
  • Heating and cooling system infrastructure in detached sections (VRF)- continuous generator in common areas
  • Installment Infrastructure Systems to create wet area in every detached section

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Through its flexible office concept, OFFICE Çağlayan presents a contemporary working environment and a secure and efficient real estate investment alternative for investors from different sectors. The firms that work by themselves or with a small staff in the centre of the city will have the chance of small size working areas with opportunities of smart hospitality via the cafes, restaurant, meeting rooms and seminar halls. Coffee breaks turn into an enjoyment in the welcoming atmosphere of the terrace which was built using architectural solutions. Office alternatives of larger size are also provided by full floor and duplex penthouse choices. Companies with large and intense staff will benefit from the easy transportation provided by the location’s closeness to public transportation and ring road.

  • Offices of different sizes and two shops are found in two blocks of apartments facing Taşocağı Avenue and Park Street that is connected to Çağlayan square
  • Offices with net areas of 50 m2 to 975 m2, built considering the different requirements of different sectors
  • Architectural projects designed to be suitable for flexible separation necessities
  • Bright offices which will refresh your energy through sunlight
  • Terrace between the blocks, easy access from the parking garage to common areas and office section
  • Full technology for the offices provided by the fiber internet infrastructure in each office
  • A system of installment infrastructure which could create wet areas for any location you prefer to choose

OFFICE Çağlayan provides you with a living and working environment that has everything you might need outside of your office. Meeting halls of different sizes that you will need to arrange large and efficient meetings and functional seminar halls for workshops and presentations in the common areas that were designed for your special needs will add value to your work and your office. Cafe, restaurant and recreation areas were built for you, your employee and your guests to enjoy in the welcoming atmosphere of the terrace. All the services including the reception lounges, receptions desks, security, cleaning and valet are provided with a modern sense of quality.

  • Reception service in the information desk at the entrance of the Office blocks
  • A recreation area within the building together with the cafe, terrace yard and common areas
  • Areas for socialization and entertainment in the cafe
  • Seminar hall with a theatre arrangement suitable for special invitations and presentations
  • Visiting room for professional necessities
  • Special invitations and publicity organizations
  • 2.600 m2 parking garage
  • Easy use of parking garage with a valet service
  • Security service for 24 hours

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